Saving seed from CSA cilantro and dill

A little story about Dill and Cilantro and #seedsavingformarketgrowers

Back in May

We had 1 bed in the middle of the greenhouse planted the first half in 5 rows of cilantro and the second half in 5 rows of dill. 

This planting was harvested for CSA. A lot of dill and cilantro were packed out of this bed. 4 to 5 bunches harvested per bedft. At $3 a bedfoot this crop has more than paid for the space in the greenhouse. We probably could have harvested more if we”d needed to.

Going to flower though the summer

We decided to let the cilantro go to seed. This greenhouse was already intended for seed production. (you can see onions and kale on the left and lettuce and some beans on the right.)

The cilantro never grew that tall as it went to flower. Being cut for CSA seems to have slower it down a touch.

We also let the dill go to seed. It did not see at all slowed down by having been cut for CSA. We considered staking it so the dill plants wouldn’t fall all over but we never got to it.

Gone to seed

We just harvested the cilantro and dill seed from these beds. Half a rubbermaid of each. 

Dill and cilantro seed might not have the same return as fresh bunches but they to optimize a crop that was already in the ground and that we pretty much ignored until seed harvest.

Now let’s see if they pass the germination test!

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