fsa tip #77 – What to do if you didn’t take harvest records

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So, did you manage to record every harvest you did this summer?

Do you have perfect records of how much crop came out of the field?

Yes, these records would be wonderful. But if things got a little out of hand this year (or maybe a lot out of hand,) there are still a few ways you can estimate what your harvests were.

If you sell through an online store such as Local Line, Square, or Shopify. 

•  Create a report for all your products sold during your growing season

•  Export as a CSV

•  Import into your spreadsheet   

•  Use your total sales per crop as your total harvest record for that crop

If you keep paper records

•  Start a new spreadsheet

•  Record all your markets and sales in the same sheet

•  Create a Pivot Table to get the total amount brought to market or sold at market

•  Use the Pivot Table result to estimate  total harvest record for each crop

Now you’ve got an approximate number to help you crop plan!

You can download the spradsheets here.

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