More Radishes Coming Out Of The Breeding Plots

These are some pictures of the latest stuff coming out of my winter radish breeding projects.

You can see where these radishes all began in this post.

I’ve been working a lot more with long radishes lately.

They’re producing all kinds of beautiful things. It’s hard to keep it all though.

This is the radish field.

We plant winter radishes 2 rows per bed. This gives them room to size up. It also adds a bit of ventilation for better disease control.

We pull the radishes and lay them on the ground

Then go down the row and make our selections.

 We keep an inch or so of green on the roots we select for next year’s seed.

Anything we’re not keeping for seed goes to CSA.

We cut these greens down to the root.

Here’s some of the different selections we’re keeping for next year.

We cut these greens down to the root.

These are black on the outside and red on the inside.

This was what I wanted when I first started this project 14 years ago or so. And the population is throwing out about 50%+ of these now.

 This is a combo of green and purple mottling that I wish we could stabilize.

So far we only get small numbers of these every year.Maybe 5% of my selected populations. I’m going to put a bit more focus into this line next year.

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