Saving pepper seeds can be easy

You donít need a big shaking scary machine to save pepper seeds.

When I’m dealing with pretty small batches of peppers Iíll often save seed by hand.

This is my hi tech technique to split open peppers.

†Itís all about splitting the fruit open to get to that seed

I cut the pepper in half and then remove the center with all the seeds. The pepper fruit can then be sliced up and tossed into a drying pan with garlic and onions.

†Rub the seeds off the center of the fruit into a container

Then spread the seeds on a paper towel or a tea towel to dry. Make sure to label the seeds. Pepper seeds look like pepper seeds.†

Put the drying seeds on a corner of your counter and then Ignore them for a month or so.

When youíre starting to feel crazy with all the clutter on that counter, put the seeds in an envelope. Make sure to label that envelope too with Crop, Variety, and Year.

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