Vacuuscooping Squash Seed

This is a shop-vac full of squash seed.

The seeds got in the shop-vac because we chop-chopped some squash in half, then we vacuuscooped the seeds out of the seed cavity.

This is so much easier and quicker than scooping away with a spoon. It also separates some of the pulpy fibers from the seed making it a bit easier to the final cleaning with screens and some water.

Petra and Matthew from Fruition Seeds taught us this technique and it really speeds up squash seed processing.

I should add “When we grow squash for seed on our farm” because we actually don’t grow much squash for seed at Tourne-Sol.

We grow so much squash diversity for our CSA baskets that it is hard for us to maintain good isolation distances on our farm. So we’ve got a network of seed growers who grow some squash seed for us and we love them for it!

But when we grow seed squash, we always vacuuscoop it



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