Seedy Saturday Season is back

One challenge of selling seeds versus selling vegetables or fresh cut flowers is how to build strong relationships with the  gardeners looking for seats.

Yeah, yeah – I know you post engaging content on your social media feed that shows your authentic self and your beautiful crops. 

But you aren’t building the same kind of relationships that a market grower can build at the farmers market when they are in person with their tomatoes, or flowers, or cilantro bunches. 

That’s why I’m excited that Seedy Saturdays are back after a 3 year hiatus.

What is a Seedy Saturday?

They are once a year seed markets and seed swap that pop up in communities across Canada.

Essentially a farmers market for Seed Growers.

The smallest Seedy Saturdays might feature 1 or 2 seed companies and a lot of swapping between local gardeners in addition to many non-seed businesses selling stuff liker gardening supplies or artisanal products  or winter vegetables or baked stuff.

The largest Seedy Saturdays can get  out of control with 20 to 30 seed companies and thousands and thousands of folks coming to do their annual seed shopping


Most of these events also feature workshops and talks. They are go-to events for all of the gardeners in the area

At Tourne-Sol, some years we’ve done over a dozen Seedy Saturdays. This year we’re starting slow and only going to 2 events – one in Quebec city and one in Montreal. Next year, we’re hoping to get back on to the Seedy Saturday circuit in fuller force!

Seeds of Diversity Canada has a listing of all the Seedy Saturdays across the country. Though the Quebec listing seems to be

incomplete this year.

The picture  is from a 2017 Seedy Saturday – we now have metal racks. I couldn’t find a more recent picture. I guess I have to stop talking at these events and snap some photos.

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