About Going to Seed

Going to seed began on December 12, 2009.

This is where I write about seeds.

  • About how to grow and harvest seeds
  • About how to breed vegetables on your own farm
  • About how to sell seeds

I also write about spreadsheets.

In the summer of 2019 I launched the Farmer Spreadsheet Academy to focus on solid farm planning and management.

Sometimes I write about spreadsheets and seeds at the same time!

About Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm

This is where I farm.

We are in Les C?dres, Quebec, about 45 minutes west of Montreal.

We generally have hot summers with alternating periods of rain and drought. our winters are very cold and snowy.

I lead the seed team. We grow about an acre of organic seeds.

We sell our seed through an online store and through a seed rack program.

At this point, we can’t grow all the seed we sell ourselves. We work with a network of other seed growers to make sure we have a complete offering for our clients.

Tourne-Sol also grows organic vegetables for 500 weekly vegetable baskets.

About 20% of our vegetable production seed needs are grown on farm.

Tourne-Sol is also a worker co-operative.

About Dan Brisebois

Though I grew up surrounded by gardens to tend and a lawn to mow, I do not come from a farming background.

It has been a few generations since any of my family would have called themselves farmers. Still, the farmers in my history have featured prominently in family lore.

I had no idea that I would become a farmer until suddenly I was one.

You might think otherwise when you hear that I have a degree in Agricultural Engineering. But I chose that degree because it focused on Environmental Engineering.

Studying at an agricultural school led to working on farms in the summer and making friends with people who only want to talk about farming.

Next thing I knew, I love farming and it’s all I want to do.

Other Dan Brisebois Fun Facts

I also really like talking about garlic and Star Wars.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dan – Thanks for starting to share your experiences with seed production in Eastern Canada. I also tackle many of these challenges on our farm in New Brunswick, growing organic seed for Hope Seeds and working with other farms to grow for us as well. Looking forward to reading and learning more!

  2. Dan, I just read the entire thing. It is clear, educational, entertaining, well thought out, well structured, flows, looks great, should I go on? Should be required reading for new interns. I will go check out Gigi’s blog soon.

    1. Jacques, thanks for the nice words. Interns hear enough from me during the day. I will let them read what they want on their own time!

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