Bend Your Own Mini-Tunnel Arches

“Where did you buy those mini-tunnel arches?” was the main response to last month”s post about overwintering crops in mini-tunnels, Well, we bought some 10ft long E.M.T. conduit from a local hardware store and then bent the arches ourselves. It’s a pretty simple process that you can easily do on your farm. Come, let’s see … More Bend Your Own Mini-Tunnel Arches

Guided Spring Rutabaga Meditation

Nothing like a little sun after spending the winter in cold storage. Melts all those rutabaga worries away. Forget about those flowers you’ll be growing. Don’t worry about all those noisy pollinators that will be buzzing around. And don’t even think about about all the seeds that come after that. Right now, it’s time to … More Guided Spring Rutabaga Meditation

Overwintering Kale Plants In A Greenhouse For Seed

There are many opportunities for market gardeners to save seed on their farm. If you have a winter greenhouse full of Kale. You are only a few steps away from a pile of Kale seed! Here is what overwintering Kale for seed looks like … January – Come see our greenhouse shhh …. Kale is … More Overwintering Kale Plants In A Greenhouse For Seed

Planting Overwintered Dandelion

Last year, I selected my favorite Italian Dandelion plants from our market planting. I chose them based on the level of leaf serration, the red stem and green leaf contrast, and vigour. In fact, I’d actually been eliminating whatever I didn’t like all season long. Whatever was too green, too round leafed, or too marked … More Planting Overwintered Dandelion

Biennials: Readying Radishes and Turnips To Replant

A week and a half I ago,  my overwintered brassica roots came out of the cold room for inspection.  Let’s look at Storage conditions Roots that stored best Roots that stored less than perfect Curing roots before planting. Storage conditions These roots were harvested last September. I selected the best individuals to bear seed. The … More Biennials: Readying Radishes and Turnips To Replant