Genetic memory or chance encounter?

This week I’ve been walking the Rainbow Tatsoi to select what plants we’ll be letting go to seed. Overall, things are getting very stable. Some solid dark leaves with a lot of purple stems. Some diversity in savoy texture. Very similar growing habit. But then I come upon this. I haven’t seen an individual this … More Genetic memory or chance encounter?

Guided Spring Rutabaga Meditation

Nothing like a little sun after spending the winter in cold storage. Melts all those rutabaga worries away. Forget about those flowers you’ll be growing. Don’t worry about all those noisy pollinators that will be buzzing around. And don’t even think about about all the seeds that come after that. Right now, it’s time to … More Guided Spring Rutabaga Meditation

5 Steps To Rogue And Select Brassica Rapas

I love growing out crossed up plants and selecting what we will save for seed. Brassicas are probably my favourite plant to select. Here are some pictures of what it looked like while I was selecting one breeding population last week. The plants I was selecting are the F2 generation of a cross between Tokyo … More 5 Steps To Rogue And Select Brassica Rapas

Growing Out Crossed-Up Lettuce Seed

When folks start saving seeds, their biggest fear is usually cross-pollination between different varieties. But unless you are selling the seed or trying to preserve it  as a named variety, a little crossing won’t kill you. In fact, growing out crossed out plants can be a learning and aesthetic experience. With some crops, growing two … More Growing Out Crossed-Up Lettuce Seed

Field Update: Unexpected Visitors

Well the weather dropped a bit last weekend. We didn’t take  the plastic off the field tunnel like I thought. Still, the tunnel is booming and the field is starting to sprout. Brassica greens (and purples) growing and going to flower. I was a touch worried about these guys bolting before any pollinators were around. … More Field Update: Unexpected Visitors