That special rotting cucumber smell

There’s a special smell that comes with rotting cucumbers.  When you save cucumbers for seed, you let them get big and yellow. And you might stack them in a bin for a few weeks to let them get even more yellow and mature. (And maybe because you forgot to deal with them on time.) The … More That special rotting cucumber smell

How to save 120lbs of cucumber seed

The first episode of The Seed Growers Podcast episode 1 wraps up with Adrianna and Joelene of Empowered Flowers discussing how they grow 120 of cucumbers seed on a quarter acre Here’s a summary of the steps: Grow like a market crop Harvest fruit when they are very mature Pile fruit into a mountain Extract … More How to save 120lbs of cucumber seed

Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Here’s a Cucurbit cheat sheet for #seedsavingformarketgrowers These are the 6 most common cucurbit species in market gardens. If you grow two crops of the same species. They will cross pollinate together. For better or worse. (In the case of Squash – mostly for the worst.) But if you grow two cucurbits of different species … More Cucurbit Cheat Sheet