The Corn You Planted In May

Remember those sweet corn plants you planted in May? How the leaves stretched out in JuneSo fast, you could almost see them growing And they were so majestic in July Then, August, worrying about the raccoonsand everyone else who loves sweet corn And how you cheered on those plantsto help them get over the finish … More The Corn You Planted In May

May we all be like Calendula

May we all be like Calendula Vibrant and green After the frosts After the drought and the unending heat After the whipping winds After a season of vicissitudes After two weeks of hard harvest providing bins full of seed And not only vibrant and green But blooming bright orange petals Against a brown and dying … More May we all be like Calendula

A Watched Bean DOES Dry Down!

It turns out a watched bean does dry down! And now we have a greenhouse full crinkly dry bean plants covered in crisp pods ready to thresh. I’m appreciative for what a drive plants have to get their seeds to maturity. And grateful for the abundance they provide. It helps buffer out erratic autumns and … More A Watched Bean DOES Dry Down!

Frost Warning

When the forecast changes its mindAnd decides that it is tired of balmy eveningsAnd why don’t we have some freezing temperatures this weekend? To the field we go!To cut whole plants that are almost matureTo drop them on tarps and roll them upFor easy transportation to the greenhouse where they won’t freeze This is the … More Frost Warning