Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Here’s a Cucurbit cheat sheet for #seedsavingformarketgrowers These are the 6 most common cucurbit species in market gardens. If you grow two crops of the same species. They will cross pollinate together. For better or worse. (In the case of Squash – mostly for the worst.) But if you grow two cucurbits of different species … More Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Melons And Watermelons Don’t Cross

Melons and watermelons don’t cross They both have melon in the name and they are deliciously sweet but that’s where the similarities end. By melons I mean cantaloupes, Chrentais, honeydews, and a slew of other melons with white seeds in a central cavity.. And by watermelons I mean watermelons with their black spittable seeds. ???????????? … More Melons And Watermelons Don’t Cross