Harvesting green onion seeds

We’ve been harvesting green onion seeds. These green onions are in the species Allium fistulosum. They overwintered outdoors in mini tunnels under a couple of feet of snow. We want flowers that have at least 50% mature seed showing The seed team walks the bed looking at each flower and chooses those with black seeds. … More Harvesting green onion seeds

Onions update

Onion update. This is what those onions I replanted for seed look like these days. Still a few weeks until seed. My next free online workshop is on Thursday May 19 at 2pm Eastern … It will be about harvest efficiency – more details coming soon!

Onions doing their onion thing

These onions overwintered in the cold room. 2 weeks ago, the Tourne-Sol seed team planted the bulbs in bins of potting soil in the seedling nursery so they could break dormancy. Last week, the team planted the onions into the field greenhouse. And now the bulbs have broken dormancy and it”s leafy green growth time. … More Onions doing their onion thing

The EASY and HARD of Saving Onion Seed

Saving onion seeds is as EASY as popping those sprouting onions into the ground and letting them put on green leaves that turn into flowers, which in turn become seeds. And saving onion seed is as HARD as the amount of rain you get.  All that moisture and maybe hail and harsh winds can spread … More The EASY and HARD of Saving Onion Seed

My Seed Saving Zone Of Discomfort

There are things you know a lot about and things you don’t know as much about. I know a lot about Brassicas seeds and Brassica cross pollination. But now that we’ve ran out of seed Brassicas to talk about, it’s time to move on to other crossers on #seedsavingformarketgrowers. And next up are some storage … More My Seed Saving Zone Of Discomfort