Tourne-Sol Open House on Sunday 5 July, 2015

Our annual open house is coming up. The full details are below. But one thing I’ll point out to all my seedy readers is that I will be giving seed and garlic tours during the event! ¬†Full Details Get out your calendars and reserve Sunday July 5th for our Open House. This also happens to … More Tourne-Sol Open House on Sunday 5 July, 2015

Video About Large-Scale Garlic Scape Processing

I just watched this report on la Semaine Verte about garlic scapes. The video showacses Le Petit Mas and their garlic scape harvest. They harvest 1000s of pound at a time and shuffle them around in bulk bins. They then process the scapes and lacto ferment them. If you are interested in garlic, you should … More Video About Large-Scale Garlic Scape Processing

Mulched Garlic vs. Unmulched Garlic

We have always mulched our garlic crop. Last year, we planted one unmulched bed of Porcelain garlic as a trial. In the spring, the unmulched garlic sprouted and emerged from the soil earlier than the mulched garlic. Visually, there seemed to be more winterkilled cloves in the unmulched garlic (though a low enough amount to … More Mulched Garlic vs. Unmulched Garlic

Growing Garlic From Bulbils

We currently grow about 16000 garlic bulbs. Roughly 1/3 were initially started from bulbil on our farm. We propagate by bulbil in part to keep costs down but also to avoid importing disease from other farms when we buy in new garlic varieties. Garlic bulbils are the small bulbs that develop in the garlic scape … More Growing Garlic From Bulbils

Silverskin Garlic – Storage Update

I was cleaning my seed workshop in preparation for seed-packing season when I found a few Silverskin garlic bulbs from the 2010 harvest. In July, I wrote about storing garlic and how I still had some Silverskin garlic and Porcelain garlic that was 12 months out of the ground. None of that Porcelain garlic is … More Silverskin Garlic – Storage Update