How Long Should You Ferment Tomato Seeds?

Fermentation is a key step in extracting tomato seeds. It helps remove the gelatinous sac surround tomato seed. It controls some tomato diseases. It is also a great way to create amazing odours. But fermentation is very weather dependent. We have had batches that have taken 6 days to ferment. And batches we’ve lost in … More How Long Should You Ferment Tomato Seeds?

5 Steps To Rogue And Select Brassica Rapas

I love growing out crossed up plants and selecting what we will save for seed. Brassicas are probably my favourite plant to select. Here are some pictures of what it looked like while I was selecting one breeding population last week. The plants I was selecting are the F2 generation of a cross between Tokyo … More 5 Steps To Rogue And Select Brassica Rapas

Know your brassica species

I’m about to head up to the CAPÉ Rendez-vous automnal 2018 for a day on seed production.  I’ll be giving a talk on brassica seed production. Below is the core chart of the presentation. Did you know that turnips and rutabaga are not the same vegetable? What! (And thanks to everybody who has been telling me what … More Know your brassica species

Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars

Below is the official information for 6 webinars broadcast from OSA’s Organic Seed Growers Conference. I am one of the speakers in Seed Economics: How to Make Growing and Selling Seed More Profitable. If you’re interested in listening, make sure to register for the webinars! The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is hosting their 8th biennial Organic … More Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars

Talking Seeds On Permaculture Voices Podcast

In December I was a guest on the Permaculture Voices podcast. I spoke with Diego Footer about the profitability of growing seeds for sale, differences between growing seed crops and market vegetable crops, and how much space a seed crop actually takes. You can listen to the podcast here. This podcast is a lead up … More Talking Seeds On Permaculture Voices Podcast

Seed Webinar today

I’m excited to be part of a seed webinar this afternoon at 4PM Eastern.  I’ll be talking about how we approach selecting seed plants on our farm. I’ve got some pictures lined up!   If you’re interested in listening in all the details are below. (Or you can just register here: There is no … More Seed Webinar today

Tourne-Sol Open House on Sunday 5 July, 2015

Our annual open house is coming up. The full details are below. But one thing I’ll point out to all my seedy readers is that I will be giving seed and garlic tours during the event!  Full Details Get out your calendars and reserve Sunday July 5th for our Open House. This also happens to … More Tourne-Sol Open House on Sunday 5 July, 2015

Planting Overwintered Dandelion

Last year, I selected my favorite Italian Dandelion plants from our market planting. I chose them based on the level of leaf serration, the red stem and green leaf contrast, and vigour. In fact, I’d actually been eliminating whatever I didn’t like all season long. Whatever was too green, too round leafed, or too marked … More Planting Overwintered Dandelion